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How to Work Sony PXW-X500 XAVC Media in Adobe Premiere Pro


Sony has just introduced the latest camera in its XDCAM range, PXW-X500 which offers a wide array of traditional and new recording formats, including SD formats, HD formats, plus XAVC Intra 4:2:2 1080 59.94/50i and XAVC Long 4:2:2 1080 59.94/50p. The XAVC file adopts a cost-effective and file-size-efficient H.264/MPEG-4 Level 5.2 AVC codec that can support 4K data files up to 60 fps, plus 8-bit, 10-bit and 12-bit color depth. Normally for professional videographers, they must know much about how to edit different video formats in some popular NLEs. However, editing Sony PXW-X500 XAVC files in Premiere is also a hard task to them.

"I can edit my other videos including AVCHD in Premiere CS5.5 without problem. But when I import my Sony PXW-X500 XAVC videos into Premiere, I only got "Unsupported format" massage. What's going on? Does that mean Premiere cannot handle XAVC clips?"

As it claimed, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro, had added support for this new camera format. While, users need to download Rovi Totalcode, a Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/CS5.5/CS6 which is able to support Sony's 4K XAVC format perfectly, if they wanna import XAVC to Adobe Premiere CC previous versions. Whereas, this third-party plug-in will cost you a lot of money. In addition, it only works on Windows. Frankly, to those videographers, it is not an ideal way to solve the incompatibility problem. In fact, here is an effective and simple way for them to open Sony PXW-X500 XAVC files in Adobe Premiere-Get Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac installed on computer.

In general, this program comes with several optimized formats for Premiere including MPEG-2, MOV(AVC), WMV, which enables you to edit Sony PXW-X500 XAVC in Premiere without any rendering process or codec problems. Plus, it also allows you to convert Sony XAVC videos to other NLEs, like DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, Apple ProRes for Final Cut Pro, Apple InterMediate Codec for iMovie, etc. If you are a PC user, then pls turn to Brorsoft Video Converter. Download the software you need and follow the tutorial below to convert Sony PXW-X500 XAVC to Premiere effortlessly.

try-win.jpg try-mac.jpg

How to Convert Sony PXW-X500 XAVC to Adobe Premiere

Step 1: Add video files

Click "Add" button to transfer Sony PXW-X500 XAVC videos to this powerful program. Or you can simply drag & drop the videos directly to the software window list.


Step 2: Choose output format

Go to "Format" pull down list to select Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas> MPEG-2(*.mpg) as the best video format for Premiere Pro. WMV, MOV formats in this column are the good choices as well.


Tip: Click the "Settings" button, you are able to enter the "Profile Settings" panel to adjust video and audio parameters for the converted files, including video size, bit rate, frame rate and more.

Step 3: Start conversion

Tap the Convert button to start transcoding Sony PXW-X500 to MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once the process completes, you can find the generated videos via "Open" button, then you can transfer the encoded Sony PXW-X500 XAVC videos to Premiere without issue.

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