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Add MP3 to Galaxy S3 to make a personalized ringtone freely

    Are you ready to get Samsung Galaxy S3, the most anticipated Android smartphone ever? From its specs, we find that the smartphone is almost exactly the same size as the HTC One X. It’s a really big phone but it’s comfortable to hold. If you’ve put your hands onto it, do some personal settings on it is necessary. Setting a personalized ringtone for your Galaxy S3 will also be the priority especially for some young people.

    Well, how to make a ringtone for Galaxy S3? If you have not come up with a solution, go through the page please.

    1. PC running 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
    2. A integrated MP3 convert and edit tool- the best Galaxy S3 Video Converter
    3. MP3s stored on your PC

    Tip: If you have some audio files in other format like WMA, M4A, OGG that Galaxy S3 cannot support, don’t worry. The best Galaxy S3 Video Converter can help you to convert WMA, M4A, OGG, MKA to MP3 for Galaxy S3 at super fast speed.

    Step 1: Launch Galaxy S3 Video Converter- the best Galaxy S3 Video Ringtone Maker and click the button for adding to import the WMA, M4A, OGG, MKA audio files to it.

    Step 2: Tap the “Format” option, move your pointer to “Common Audio” set the “MP3-MPEG Layer-3 Audio(*.mp3)” as the output format. And then set the output folder as you want.

    Step 3: Click the “Convert” button; it will start convert the conversion immediately. Later, you can get the output MP3 files for your Galaxy S3. Now, add MP3 to Galaxy S3 to make a personalized ringtone.

    SMS ringtone: Create a folder in your SD card notifications folder and save mp3 files on it. Then go to message settings, select ringtone. You should be able to find the saved file there since it has been saved on the notifications folder.
    Incoming Calls ringtone: You can assign a video ringtone to a specific contact. Transfer your MP3 files to Galaxy S3(It can be saved in the Music Library) And you have to have the contact saved to your "Phone". If it’s saved to the SIM card just find the contact and click hold it until it brings up the options. Click "Copy to phone". Delete the SIM card version of the contact. Go into the newly saved "Phone" contact and click "Edit". When you scroll down you will see the option to select the MP3 as a personlized ringtone as you like.

    Most of the time, you do not want to set the whole MP3 as the ringtone. You may just need a part of it, probably the chorus of a song. In that case, you need to trim it, and get the wanted part. Fortunately, Galaxy S3 Video Converter as the best Galaxy S3 Video Ringtone Maker can also do you a favor.

    1. Run the Galaxy S3 Video Ringtone Maker and import your MP3 files.
    2. Click the edit button and tap the “Trim” icon, and then drag the process bar to the trim points to get your wanted part of the MP3. You can find the exact start time and end time in the “Start” and “End” boxes. Finally click the “OK” icon to confirm.

    3. Set the “MP3-MPEG Layer-3 Audio(*.mp3)” as the output format.
    4. Click the convert button to start the conversion.
    Now, get the output files, you can custom ringtones for Galaxy S3.

    This Galaxy S3 Video Converter not only can work as the best Galaxy S3 Video Ringtone Maker, of course, it can play the role as the best Video Converter for Galaxy S3 to help you convert any video like MKV, AVI, MTS, M2TS, FLV, MOV, MOD, VOB, TiVo, etc to Galaxy S3. More information get from Brorsoft Galaxy S3 Video Converter.

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