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How to Burn AVCHD MTS/M2TS to DVD with iDVD on Mac OS X?

    How are you gonna do with your recordings with your HD/AVCHD camcorder? If you are looking for a way to compress your HD videos for burning into a SD DVD so that you can share the videos with your family and friends in your DVD player, Brorsoft MTS converter is the tool for you. Here in this tutorial I will explain the detailed process of converting MTS files to MOV format and then burning the file into a SD DVD with iDVD.


    1. Import AVCHD MTS/M2TS videos to Mac Brorsoft MTS Converter. Drag and drop AVCHD files to the program or load MTS/M2TS files from your Mac to the converter by clicking “Add” button in the menu bar. Batch conversion is also supported. So you can import multiple AVCHD MTS/M2TS files to the app. This is how the program looks like.

    2. Trim, crop and deinterlace your AVCHD MTS/M2TS files. Editing functions are available in Brorsoft MTS Converter by clicking “Editor” button in the menu bar. You are allowed to trim, crop your videos as well as adding text/image/video watermarks, etc.

    3. Choose MOV output format and specify your destination folder for converted videos. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can directly choose “MOV” in “Common Video” section from “Format” drop-down menu.

    4. Start AVCHD MTS/M2S to MOV conversion by clicking the big “Convert” button. Here I’d like to present one big spotlight for Brorsoft MTS Converter - the function of merging/joining/combining multiple MTS/M2TS files to one single output! You can realize the function by simply ticking the checkbox of “Merge into one file”. I’m sure many of your will love the function.


    Customize a project

    1. Open iDVD and click on “Create a New Project”.

    2. A Save window will appear. In the”Save As field”, create a name for your project. In the “Where field”, navigate to the desktop. Save your project on the desktop of the computer. Then click “Create”.

    3. A window with your project's name will now appear. If the iDVD window opens with an animated menu and music, click the Motion/Play button to stop the animation and sound.

    Importing Converted MOV

    1. To add converted mov, click on the arrow pointing down by the “+” in the bottom left on the main window.

    2. Select “Add Movie”.
    1) A menu titled “Add Movie Here” will appear on the screen.
    2) Drag your movie in the menu, wait for it to load; you will notice the title change to your movie’s title.
    3) To preview it, double click on the title of the movie. To exit, click the exit button in the menu box by the iDVD screen.

    Burn a DVD
    iDVD supports up to 90 minutes of video per disc. Projects over 60 minutes will have lower visual quality due to the higher compression required. Limit your project to 60 minutes for best results.

    Please note:
    if you just shared your movie from iMovie, you do not need to create a new project; a new project is created automatically.

    1.Always preview your dvd project before burning it onto a CD. To preview your project, click on the “Preview” button.

    2. Insert a blank DVD-R (DVD+R's will not work) in the DVD drive and click the “Burn” button (fourth from the left) on the bottom of the window to turn on the burning feature.

    3. Click the “Burn” button again when you are ready to begin burning the project. Then click “OK” to confirm. This process can be timely depending on the length of your DVD project, approximately 5-10 times the length of your movie. When the DVD has been burned, the DVD will eject itself from the computer.

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