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Convert MKV to WMV in a simple and brilliant way quickly
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    CUDA MKV to WMV video converter is specially developed for users to convert among various video and audio formats. It can convert TiVo recordings, various common videos files, like MKV, VOB, WMV, AVI, FLV, F4V etc. CUDA MKV to WMV video converter is also working as a video editor. It provides users with several simple but useful video editing options, such as cropping video size, merging several videos into one file, trimming video clips and setting special effects. The more need to be emphasized is the NVIDIA CUDA technology make the conversion speed 3-5X faster than common video converter tools.
  • Guides on how to convert MKV to WMV.

    Free download CUDA MKV to WMV video converter on your computer, and launch it.

    Step1. Load the MKV files to CUDA MKV to WMV video converter.
    Do this step as the picture shows, click the “Step 1” button to add your MKV files for later converting and editing. You may load more than one file, for the MKV to AVI video converter will merge them in one by clicking the small pane before “Merge into one file”.
  • Step2. Select the (.*wmv) format.
    Choose the drop-down list in the Format line, move the cursor to Common video>WMV 3(WMV9)(.*wmv) or WMV 2 (WMV8)(.*wmv).( the the former is for the high quality, and the later is for the faster conversion speed)
  • PS: In the format list, there is a HD video. WMV format also exits in it, if you want to put your WMV videos in HD devices, choose that option.
  • Step3. Edit the converted videos.
    Click the mkv-to-avi3.gifbutton to start the editing with CUDA MKV to WMV video converter.
  • 1. Trimming. Click "Trim" to set time period for trimming. You have three ways to do this: One, drag the scissors bars under the preview window to where you want to trim. Two, change the start time and end time in the Time box and click Set. Three, click "Trim start" button and "Trim end" button to set the length.
  • 2. Flip the videos optionally. As the picture shows, Click the buttons to flip the videos.
  • 3. Effect. Click the Effect to open the effect box, Brightness, Contrast,
    Saturation are the functions provided.
  • 4. Add the text or the image/video watermark to the videos.
    Make this option enable by clicking the small box before the Enable. Then add the text or the images/videos that you want in the videos, you may easily adjust the situation of the watermarks by move the pane around the watermarks.
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    PS: If you want more editing details about the CUDA MKV to WMV video converter, please refer to how to edit the videos on CUDA MKV to WMV video converter.
  • Step4. Conversion.
    Click the Convert button to start the conversion, and the automatic Popup will show you the time that have spent and the time left.