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Convert Sony HDR-CX AVCHD M2TS Videos to iMovie or FCE for editing
  • Sony HDR-CX series camcorders are all lightweight, which records videos in high definition with good video quality. All of them store videos in AVCHD format which utilizes MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (AVC) video coding and either Dolby AC-3 (Dolby Digital) or uncompressed linear PCM audio coding. After importing to computer, avchd videos become files with extensions of M2TS, MTS or M2T. And below is the list of models of Sony HDR-CX Camcorders:
    Sony HDR-CX700V,Sony HDR-CX560V,Sony HDR-CX360V,Sony HDR-CX350V,Sony HDR-CX370V ,Sony HDR-CX520V ,Sony HDR-CX550V,
    Sony HDR-CX160,Sony HDR-CX130 ,Sony HDR-CX100,Sony HDR-CX110,Sony HDR-CX120,Sony HDR-CX170,Sony HDR-CX300,Sony HDR-CX350,Sony HDR-CX550,Sony HDR-CX106,Sony HDR-CX150
    Sony HDR-CX500E,Sony HDR-CX150E,Sony HDR-CX520E
  • Although the common mac editing software such as iMovie, FCE, FCP supports AVCHD videos generated by most of the camcorders, we still often encounter problems importing Sony HDR-CX videos to iMovie or FCE or FCP due to special model of Sony HDR-CX such as Sony HDR-CX550 video size problem importing Sony HDR-CX150 1920*1080 avchd videos to FCE 4.0, etc.
  • So the easiest way is to convert Sony hdr-cx avchd videos to mov compatible with iMovie or FCE directly. Here I am glad to recommend Brorsoft MAC Sony HDR-CX M2TS Converter as your first choice. And here is the detailed guide about how to convert M2TS or MTS videos generated by Sony HDR-CX series camcorders to MOV for further editing with FCE or iMovie.
  • Step 1. Import Sony HDR-CX Video to Brorsoft Sony HDR-CX AVCHD Converter for Mac.
    Connect your Sony HDR-CX camcorder to your iMac or Macbook via USB cable. And then click "Add" button to load your Sony HDR-CX AVCHD MTS to Brorsoft Mac Sony HDR MTS Converter. You can upload batch video clips one time.
  • Step 2. Choose MOV as output video format.
    Click “Format” option and choose “HD Video->H.264 HD Video (*mov)” as the output video format for Mac, FCP, FCE and iMovie.
  • Step 3. Start Sony HDR-CX MTS files conversion.
    Hit the big convert button to start converting Sony HDR .mts to Mac .mov. Once the conversion is completed, you are free to enjoy MTS or M2TS recordings on Mac or editing Sony HDR-CX AVCHD Videos in FCP, FCE or iMovie.