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View/Read/Edit/Playback Panasonic DMC-TZ10 AVCHD Lite on Mac
  • A series of digital compact camera modes made by Panasonic, such as the DMC-ZS3/DMC-TZ7, DMC-FT1, DMC-FZ35/DMC-FZ38, DMC-FX75/DMC FX70 and DMC-ZS-7/TZ-10 offer 720p video recording with effective frame rate of 25 or 30 frames/s in a format called AVCHD Lite. This AVCHD specification supports 720-line progressive recording mode at frame rates of 24 and 60 frames/s for 60 Hz models and 50 frames/s for 50 Hz models. Compared to HDV 720p, AVCHD uses higher data rate (up to 24 Mbit/s VBR vs. 18.3 Mbit/s CBR) and a more advanced compression format (AVC vs. MPEG-2).
  • The majority of Panasonic users would select DMC-TZ10/TZ7/ZS7/FX75/FX70 AVCHD Lite as the recording mode, as it provides the videos with high image quality. However, yet the compatibility between AVCHD Lite and Mac system doesn't perform quite well, it is not easy to view/read/playback/edit movies in this kinda format on Mac as it requires high configuration to handle DMC-TZ10/TZ7/ZS7/FX75/FX70 AVCHD Lite videos. After going to several forums and collecting all the helpful tips, I realize that a professional converting software is necessary. In terms of handling the Panasonic AVCHD Lite videos on Mac OS X, I decided to try Brorsoft AVCHD Lite Converter for Mac which helps making the playing/editing easily &smoothly as a result.
    So much gratitude overwhelmed me and I can't wait showing the tutorial that specially written for those who are also stucking with such troubles. If you would like to make Panasonic AVCHD Lite compatible with your Mac, and easily read/play/edit Panasonic DMC-TZ10/TZ7/ZS7/FX75/FX70 AVCHD Lite videos on Mac QuickTime Player, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Final Cut Express, etc, just follow tutorial below with Brorsoft AVCHD Lite Converter for Mac.
  • Step 1: Load Panasonic DMC-TZ10 AVCHD Lite footage to the best Panasonic AVCHD Lite Converter for Mac
    Download and set up MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac. Run the program as the most easy-to-use Panasonic AVCHD Lite Converter for Mac. Click the "Add" button on the up-left corner of top tool bar, by clicking it or dragging & dropping the video directly you can import the .mod files to the program. Plus, multiple files are allowed to be imported altogether.
  • Step 2: Choose the “H.264 HD Video (*.mov)” as the output format
    In the format pop-down list, navigate mouse cursor to “H.264 HD Video (*.mov)” option in the “HD Video” section to select the output format. Then, click “Export to” for setting the destination folder which the output files belongs to.
  • Step3: Set the parameters
    Click the “settings” button, please apply the following settings:
    Video Codec H.264, Size: 1280*720p, Bitrate: 8000kbps, Frame Rate: 30/29.97,
    Audio Codec: AAC, Sampling rate: 48khz, Bitrate: 320kbps, Channels: 6.
    After specified the parameters, hit “Save As” button after renaming so that next time you can apply the customized settings again. Click “Ok” after all these steps.
  • Edit/Playback Panasonic DMC-TZ10 AVCHD Lite on Mac
  • Step 4. Convert Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 AVCHD Lite video to MOV on Mac
    Click the 'convert' button if all the settings have been done, and the Mac Panasonic AVCHD Lite converter will start the conversion from Panasonic DMC-TZ10 MTS to MOV for viewing/reading/playing/editing on Mac Quicktime Player, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express. The converting process will take you several minutes, please wait patiently. You can:
    Be clear about the total achieved percentage of scheduled progress
    "Pause" or "Cancel" the conversion at any time
    "Shut down the computer after conversion" by ticking the box
    Edit/Playback Panasonic DMC-TZ10 AVCHD Lite
  • Tips:
    1. For other Panasonic Lumix camera modes for AVCHD Lite videos like DMC-ZS3/TZ7, DMC-LX5, DMC-FZ40, DMC-FZ45, DMC-FZ35, DMC-FZ38, DMC-TS1/FT1, DMC-TS2/FT2, DMC-FX75, FX70 you may go to the Panasonic camcorder column for more information.
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