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How to Convert Sony HDR-XR520 AVCHD Video Files to iPhone 4?
  • While you are busy with preordering and buying iPhone 4, we are busy with providing the best tool for iPhone 4 owners to enjoy their AVCHD recordings from HD camcorders on iPhone 4. iPhone 4 become their favourite portable device due to its multitasking, HD recording and retina display. In the versatile digital life, HD camcorders are the essential part for every family and HD camcorders recording has become one of the fun in the family trip or friends party. And how to put and play the memorable clips onto iPhone 4 has puzzled quite a number of people. Presently, numerous iPhone 4 users can get from from the trouble with the help of Brorsoft MTS Converter for Mac which helps people to enjoy the transfer from AVCHD to iPhone 4.
  • Following is the guide on how to convert AVCHD to iPhone 4 with Brorsoft MTS Converter for MAC.
    After capturing videos from camcorder and transferring the AVCHD .mts/.m2ts videos to computer hard drive, you can download Brorsoft Mac MTS Converter, install and run it.
  • Step 1: Load AVCHD files to this program.
    Click "Add" button to import AVCHD video files for further conversion and batch video files are allowed to be loaded due to its easy to use feature.
  • Step 2: Choose the output video formats for iPhone 4.
    Click the "Format" drop list and you will find two output video profiles are provided, including iPhone 4 H.264 and iPhone 4MPEG 4. For HD camcorders' AVCHD video to iPhone 4, iPhone 4 H.264 is the best choice for you to get the HD output video files.
  • Step 3: Edit the original AVCHD. (Optional)
    If you would like to perfect your original AVCHD, just click the "Editor" button at the top of this interface. You will move to the interface below and some editing options are offered to you, like trimming the video length by dragging the Start/End bar, cropping your unwanted parts, watermarking with image or video and replacing the original audio file with your preferred one.
  • Tips:
    Joining several AVCHD video files into one and deinterlacing the unclear pictures of the video files can be realized by ticking the checkboxes of "Merge into one file" and "Deinterlacing"
  • Step 4: Click the big "Convert" button to begin this conversion.
    After a while, put the output iphone H.264 video to iTune and sync it to iPhone 4.
  • Hope Brorsoft MTS Converter for Mac becomes your ideal assisstant in your digital life.