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Converting Sony Action Cam footage for Editing in Windows Movie Maker


Sony's Full HD Action Cams like HDR-AS100V, HDR-AZ1VR, HDR-AS20 offer outstanding image quality, simultaneous multi-angle shooting, improved blur reduction, remote video recording. It's the smallest wearable action sports camera for premium point of view filming! If you own a Sony Action Cam, you can find it uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codec and MP4 or XAVC S video mode. Well, as the newbie of the Sony Action Cam, our concern is how to import Sony Action Cam MP4/XAVC S to Windows Movie Maker for smooth editing on a Windows PC.

Based on our test, we found that it is difficult to play and edit the Sony Action Cam videos with Windows Movie Maker due to its high rate compression and special codec. In order to make the MP4 or XAVC S videos from Sony Action Cam compatible with Windows Movie Maker, the easy workaround is to convert Sony Action Cam footage to WMM most compatible format.

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To finish the task, you can use Brorosft Video Converter. It the best video converter that can help you encode XAVC S/MP4 from Sony Action Cam to Windows (Live) Movie Maker friendly WMV format with high output video quality. Besides, it also enables you to transcode Sony Action Cam footage to Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Pinnacle Studio, etc NLEs on Windows. What's more, with the built-in video editor, you can edit Sony Action Cam video files like crop, trim, split, apply effect etc to personalize your favorite videos. Download it now and follow the steps to convert your Sony Action Cam videos to Windows Movie Maker for editing.

Download Sony Action Cam Video Converter:


How to transcode Sony Action Cam videos for Windows Movie Maker

Step 1. Import Source Video

Launch Sony Action Cam Video Converter and click add button to import 1080p XAVC S or MP4 video to the program. It supports batch conversion.


Step 2. Choose Output Format

Click Format bar and choose "HD Video" > "WMV HD(*.wmv)" as the output video format. AVI is also the choice.


Tip: If you like, adjust video and audio parameters, including the Bitrate of Video and Audio, the Codec of Video and Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, etc., by clicking the Settings button on the main interface for getting the best quality.


Step 3. Start Sony Action Cam Video Conversion

Click the "Convert" icon under the preview window, and the video converter will start transcode Sony Action Cam MP4/XAVC S to WMV for using in Windows Movie Maker.

After the conversion, click "Open" to locate the result videos and then you can import the converted files to Windows Movie Make for editing via its "Import video" option.

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