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How to Play all AVI files in Windows Media Player


AVI can be considered as a very popular video format. If you wanna view AVI videos in Windows, there are no special techniques required, generally speaking. Windows Media Player is a great program for you. However, although it claims to supports AVI, there are many instances that the Windows Media Player would have a hard time processing these AVI files. And in this article, we will introduce three simple ways to help you fix the issues. Pick out a solution you like to watch your AVI movies.

What if Windows Media Player won’t play AVI files- Solutions:

1. Install AVI codec to play AVI files

In order to play AVI files on those computers, a compatible media player or a certain codec has to be downloaded. There are times that the audio will play but the video won’t. If this is the kind of problem that you encounter when playing AVI files, then it could be an issue with the codecs. In many cases, upgrading to the latest Windows Media Player would solve the problem. But if it still doesn’t, try to download both the XviD and the DivX codecs so that the AVI will be played correctly.

2. Play AVI videos in Windows with VLC

For Windows users, downloading third-party players like the VLC Player, and MPlayer for viewing AVI is the alternative choice to instead of Windows Media Player. VLC is considered as the best one. To play AVI files using this player, just open the program and click Open File under the Media tab. Select the file you want to play and it should start immediately. When downloading the VLC Player, be sure that you are getting the latest version.

3. Convert AVI to Window Media Player friendly video formats

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As you see, there is little setup required to play AVI files in your computer. However, not many users would like to go through any of these processes when other formats like the WMV would play automatically. Thus, here we’d like to recommend another way to play AVI in Windows is to convert AVI to WMV, ASF, etc. Windows Media Player formats.

Overall, Brorsoft Video Converter is just the ideal AVI to Windows Media Player converter, which can convert all kinds of AVI files(Xvid, DivX) to Windows Media Player supported video format without quality loss. Using this best AVI converter, you can convert, play and edit AVI files and export videos in any other format including MKV, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG, etc as you need. Now learn the guide how to encode/re-encode AVI to Windows Media Player in detail.

Step 1. Add AVI files

Run the best AVI to Windows Media Player Converter; click the “Add File” button to import the AVI video to it. This ideal app also supports drag and drop function.


Step 2. Choose a Windows Media Player supported format

Click the “Format” drop-down button to select WMP supported WMV, ASF as output profile from “Common Video” or “HD Video” Category.


Tip- Video/Audio Settings: You can also click “Settings” icon to and enter “Profile Settings” panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels.

Step 3. Start AVI to Windows Media Player conversion

Hit the “Convert” button to start and finish converting AVI to Windows Media Player more supported format WMV, ASF.

After the conversion, click the Open button to get the resulted video. Now, you can successfully load and play AVI in Windows Media Player without any issue.

Quick Learn: Windows Media Player supported file types:

File extension Windows Media Player 12 Windows Media Player 11 Windows Media Player 10 Windows Media Player 9 Series Windows Media Player for Windows XP Windows Media Player 7
Windows Media formats (.asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm)
Microsoft Digital Video Recording (.dvr-ms) - - - -
Audio Visual Interleave (.avi)
Moving Pictures Experts Group (.mpg, .mpeg, .m1v, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .mpe, .m3u)
Audio for Windows (.wav)
QuickTime Movie file (.mov) - - - - -
MP4 Audio file (.m4a) - - - - -
MP4 Video file (.mp4, .m4v, .mp4v, .3g2, .3gp2, .3gp, .3gpp) - - - - -
Windows audio file (.aac, .adt, .adts) - - - - -
MPEG-2 TS Video file (.m2ts) - - - - -
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