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What video formats can Microsoft Surface RT play?- Add video files to Surface RT

    Learn what video formats can Microsoft Surface RT play and add videos files to Surface RT for movie enjoyment freely.


    I am trying to decide if I want to buy Surface RT or iPad 4. So far I am leaning toward Surface RT but from what I can gather from searching on the web from Surface RT reviews, I heard it can only play a few formats. Can someone with Surface RT verify this and tell me the definite supported files formats by Surface RT to help me make up my mind.

    As Microsoft Surface RT hit the market, it has been of great concern. Unlike its competitors, Microsoft has largely stayed out of the hardware business. They have the Xbox and a line of input devices, but coming up with the Surface RT was a big step for them. And the Surface RT is a genuinely different computing experience, one that can be enjoyable in the right circumstances. For its users, aside from do business, having entertainment on Surface RT is also a nice choice. There are a pile of movies on its Xbox video store. And you would be eager to know what video formats can Microsoft Surface RT play?

    Here we list the Microsoft Surface RT supported file types according to our multiple-testing result.

    Microsoft Surface RT Supported File Types
    Media type Formats supported on Windows RT Codecs supported on Windows RT
    Video MOV
    Motion JPEG
    MPEG-4(Part 2)
    WMV 3(WMV 9)
    Audio MPEG-4
    Dolby Digital
    MPEG-1 Layer I, Layer II
    *The supported formats should be in compatible codec for playing on Surface RT

    From the formats table, you can know Surface RT can play MP4, MOV, M4V, etc formats well, but frustratingly, the other files like MKV, VOB, MPG, TiVo, FLV, etc are not compatible with Surface RT. So, how to add videos to Microsoft Surface RT for smooth playback?

    We searched the solutions to the problem. Some users offer the responses that Surface RT can play some video formats out of the box, and if you do download PressPlay Video from the store then you can play more, but limitation always exists there. Some movies files like MKV still cannot be supported. Here we’d like to recommend you this Microsoft Surface RT Movie Converter to help you solve the problem completely. With this video program, it can help you to convert and compress any video to Surface RT friendly format with the preset profile. So, you don’t need to spare effort to modify the best video/audio settings for Surface RT and can play any video on Microsoft Surface RT freely with HD quality.

    Here is the brief instruction for you how to convert videos to Microsoft Surface RT.


    STEP 1: Go to install the Video Converter for Surface RT and launch it to add your video files to it.

    STEP 2: Click the Format bar and select Windows > Microsoft Surface Windows RT H.264 Video (*.mp4) as export format.

    STEP 3: Hit the Convert button to start the conversion.

    When the conversion ends, click the Open button in the main interface and locate the output files. Now, you can transfer and play videos on Microsoft Surface RT for enjoyment.

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