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Nexus 10 1080p MKV playback tips- Convert and put 1080p MKV movies to Nexus 10


    Google's Nexus 7 tablet has proven to be a popular choice for consumers wanting a smaller tablet, but the company clearly wants to offer a competitor to the traditional iPad, too. The Samsung-manufactured Nexus 10 is a thin and lightweight device with an exceptional screen and a competitive price. It's only let down by a lack of expandable memory and the natively supported video format is so limited.

    Hey, anyone had any success with playback of .mkv files yet on Nexus 10? I expected to be able to stream HD content from my NAS however it didn't work with the 4 players I tried. Then tried copying a sample onto the unit but still couldn’t play it smoothly. Now I just wonder if I will be able to play MKV movies on Nexus 10 one's transferred from my PC, like for example 11gb big full hd.

    We found some Nexus 10 tablet users have the same confusion like the above user mentioned if MKV movies can be played on Nexus 10, especially the 1080p file. Here we announced the testing result that Nexus 10 cannot handle 1080p MKV files well. Some of .mkv movies are without audio, while some others play well. When we got the whole info of these MKV files(usually they are some 1080p Blu-ray MKV rips), we found that those video files which are encoded in DTS audio cannot play well on Nexus10 that means the no-audio problem lied on DTS audio with the MKV movies. Any way to put 1080p MKV movies to Nexus 10 for easy playback?

    Since the Nexus 10 cannot natively MKV files well, the best way is to transcode the MKV files in to Nexus 10 most compatible format. The best MKV to Nexus 10 Converter is the solution for you. With it, you can convert any MKV movies including the DTS encoded one to a more preferred video format .mp4 for Nexus 10. Plus, applying this tool, you can downsize the video size and video bitrate for getting a more suitable file for you 10-in Nexus.

    Step-by-step tutorial encoding MKV to Nexus 10


    STEP 1: Download and install the Nexus 10 MKV Converter and add your MKV files to the software for converting.

    STEP 2: Click on the dropdown menu of “Format” and choose Android > Google Nexus 7 H.264 MP4 Video (*.mp4) as the export format for Nexus 10.

    STEP 3: Tap the Settings icon, you can adjust the video/audio settings for Google Nexus10. For 1080p source video, 1920*1080 video size and 2000kbps video bitrate is highly recommended. If you wanna get a smaller output file size, you can downsize the video size and bitrate.

    STEP 4: Click the Convert button; it will start to convert MKV to Nexus 10 MP4 with CUDA/AMD acceleration technology support.

    Once finished, you can click “Open” button to get the produced MP4 files with the best video/audio settings. Then, drag and drop the converted MKV files to Nexus 10 for easy playback. That’s the way we share with you how to watch .mkv on Nexus 10.

    For Blu-ray/DVD and other HD video files like AVI, FLV, TiVo, MTS, MPG, MOV, etc on Nexus 10, you’d better choose this piece all-on-one software Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.

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