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Panasonic HC-X900/X900M High Definition Camcorder Review

When it comes to 2012, Panasonic announced the top-of-the-line HC-X900/X900M to win back its glory, which was lost in the battle between Panasonic TM900 and Canon HF G10. The HC-X900/X900M is designed with many attractive and amazing features, including: 1920 x 1080/60p(50p) video recording, the advanced 3MOS Sensor, the ability to record in Full HD 3D with optional VW-CLT2 3D lens, 0.24" Electronic Viewfinder for covenient adjustment, HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) for more powerful hand-shake compensation, etc. With the fantastic camcorder, you are capable of shooting clear, vivid images and recording the beautiful secenes under any circumstance. Now, let's look at what the HC-X900/X900M is equipped with.

Product Look





Advanced 3MOS Sensor System
The 3MOS Sensor system pro shoots finely detailed images with powerful and vibrant colors and elaborate rendering, even in diming light. It is composed of the 3MOS Sensor, the new 29.8mm Wide-Angle* F1.5 Leica Dicomar Lens and Crystal Engine Pro II. The 3MOS Sensor, applying the Pixel Shift Technology, splits the light information captured by the lens into the three primary colors - red, green and blue - and processes each color with its own individual sensor, thus achieves the equivalent of four times the pixel count of Full-HD. The new wide-angle Leica Dicomar Lens with Nano Surface Coating Technology is able to render sharp images, excellent shading and reduce ghosting and flaring while shooting moving pictures to the largest extent. The newly-developed Crystal Engine Pro II can process the huge amount of data, thus further enhances full HD quality and reduces noise by 40%* compared with previous models.

Intelligent 23x Zoom with HYBRID O.I.S. +
The intelligent zoom, which enables you to shoot at high zoom rate with the same image resolution, and HYBRID O.I.S. + to surpress blurring all the way from wide-angle shots to powerful zoom shots by its five-axis correction. The optical and electrical hand-shake correction makes it possible to shoot and record while wallking. Working together, the zoom and great image stabilizer system will give you the beautilful zoom shots of distant scenes and let you capture crisp, clear images, without blurring, in almost every shooting situation.

AVCHD Progressive 1080/60p(50p) Recording
The HC-X900/900M records high-resolution Full HD 1920*1080 60p(NTSC)/50p(PAL). Its progressive recordings conveys about twice as information as that of interlace recording(1080i) since it only needs one image to produce the entire picture. With its ability to produce 60 images per second, the HC-X900/900M can record intricate detail and silky smooth motion, such as in sports sports scenes where the subjects are intensely moving around.

FULL 3D Recording
With the VW-CLT2 3D Conversion Lens mounted, both right-eye and left-eye images are recorded in Full HD quality and produced 3D images and videos by the Frame Sequential Method. Besides, due to its 3.5-inch wide LCD, you can view your 3D images without the need for special eyewear. Connect it to your 3D HDTV, you can enjoy the actual world right into the living room.

Other Highlights
5.1 Channel Surround Sound System & Zoom Mic for improving the noise-reducing performance
3.5" 3D LCD (1,152,000-dot)* with Intuitive Touch Operation, Auto Power LCD and Wide Viewing Angle
Still Picture Recording at 16 Megapixels
Time Lapse Recording for capturing shortened or condensed footage of events
Manual Ring offering the easy, fingertip control over the focus, zoom and exposure settings
iA (Intelligent Auto) automatically selecting the settings and activates functions that will deliver optimal results after sensing the shooting situation
Advanced Highlight Playback giving you the best recordings on the selected day

Panasonic HC-X900/900M User's Reviews

The Good
Excellent video quality and performance
Extremely sharp image
Good sensitivity
Great Low light sensitivity
A single button hit for taking manual functioning
5.1 surround sound and nice ability to set audio focus
Built-in 32GB storage
High-speed capture
The most detailed and smooth recording
Good 3D effect
Sharp and crisp photos and vivid and true-of-life colors
Fast and accurate autofocus

The Bad
The price seemed a bit high for a unit wich hasn't changed much over previous versions.
The capacity battery is not up to my expect.
When the file gets split after 4G or so another file is created but this looses frames including sound.
No big change compared with TM900.

All in all, if you are intended to purchase your first HD camcorder and have not made up your mind, you can take the Panasonic HC-X900/X900M into consideration because it can fulfill all your requirements about a camcorder. Recording vivid high-definition images and videos, putting the real world into your HDTV with its 3D shooting ability, giving you the best quality of images shot under any circumastance are all the reasons why the HC-X900/900M is highly recommended here. With it, you can share your beautiful memories and unforgettable adventures with your family and friends.