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Transcode Sony CX405 AVCHD/MP4 to Premiere Pro CS6 for Editing


If you have bought a Sony CX405 and record some recordings, you may wanna edit these videos in NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro. The point here is that possible for Adobe Premiere Premiere CS6 to edit AVCHD or MP4 format from Sony HDR-CX405 directly? Just read on, you will get an answer you want.

The Adobe Premiere CS6 manual says nothing about AVCHD or XAVC S .mp4 files, so you're probably out of luck to import Sony CX405 video to Premiere Pro CS6. To solve the issue, you can convert the camera files to something like MPEG-2 as an efficient and ultimate workaround.

To achieve your goal to edit Sony HDR-CX405 AVCHD or MP4 clips with Premiere Pro CS6 without problems, below is simple tutorial to make it smoother to get those .MTS or .XAVC S files to Premiere Pro CS6 for post-production.

First you need to download Brorsoft Video Converter, an easy-to-use yet powerful high-quality video converter, player and editor. With it, I can effortlessly transcode Sony CX405 MTS(no matter from the whole AVCHD structure or just single MTS video) or MP4 for smoothly editing in Premiere Pro without quality loss. Plus, it also can help you edit MTS or XAVC S files with Avid MC, Vegas Pro, Windows Movie Maker, PowerDirector and more NLE systems smoothly. For Mac users, yo can turn to Video Converter for Mac.

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How to convert Sony CX405 footage to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

STEP 1. Once run the video converter, you can click "Add Video" button (or "Add from folder") to load Sony CX405 MTS or MP4 source files. Convert supports batch conversion, so you are allowed to add multiple files to convert at a time.


STEP 2. Click "Format" bar and then move your pointer to "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas" and select "MPEG-2(*.mpg)" as the output format.


STEP 3. Click "Convert" button to convert Sony CX405 MTS or MP4 to MPEG-2 files for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

1. If you would like to customize the video and audio parameters, you can click "settings". This video converter allows you to adjust the parameters as you want, like Video Codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, Audio codec, sampling rate, bit rate, channels.

2. Before start the conversion, click "Edit" button and you can crop, trim, add watermark, attach subtitles.

Once the conversion completes, you're ready to import the result .MPG files into Adobe Premiere Pro for further editing. You've done. Don’t worry about the Sony CX405 video to Premiere CS6 incompatibility issues anymore.

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