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"4K videos" has come to our life and there's been a lot of talk and controversy about 4K televisions and cameras. As we all known, video quality is one of the most factors that many people concern. So the 4K video is more and more popular with many people. If you've got some 4K Ultra HD videos, but have no ideal how to work with them, you are in the right place. This article will give you some tips and tricks how to play, edit 4K videos in a simple way.

What is 4K?

4K is a new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics. It has following advantages: higher image definition quality, more detailed picture, better fast-action and larger projection surface visibility.

4K format was named because it has 4000 pixels horizontal resolution approximately. Meanwhile, standard 1080p and 720p resolutions were named because of its vertical resolution. The new standard renders more than four times higher image definition than 1080p resolutions for example.


4K Video Source:

With the number of 4K-capable cinemas already high and growing fast, more and more new films are either being converted into 4K Ultra HD digital masters from 35mm celluloid, or filmed directly in the 4K digital format using a new generation of 4K-capable digital cameras or camcorders.

Which camcorders can produce "4K videos"?
Sony: FS700, CineAlta F5, CineAlta F55, CineAlta F65, a7s II
Canon: EOS C500, EOS-1D C DSLR
Panasonic: Lumix DMC-GH4, Lumix DMC-GH5
GoPro: GoPro HERO3 Black, GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero5
DJI: Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2
Astrondesign AH-4413, Point Grey Flea3 8.8 MP, Nvidia GTX Titan, AMD Radeon HD 7970

Any Tool to Convert/Compress 4K Ultra HD Videos?

With the popularization of such advanced technology, there must be numbered tools and utilities to convert and compress the lumpish ultra HD videos for easier playing, editing and streaming. Just like the way it is dealing with 1080p HD videos, Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is surely in the support of converting 4K UHD videos in any formats faultlessly.

Overall, this program is a completely professional HD video converter, player and editor. Unlike some free video converters, it is capable of serving as the best 4K Video Converter for Mac. It provides hundreds of output format presets for 4K videos, such as Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422(HQ), Apple ProRes 422 (LT), Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy), and Apple ProRes 4444 for Final Cut Pro, AIC MOV for FCE (Final Cut Express) and iMovie, MP4 for any mobile or PC video players, and more formats for better editing, playing, and burning. This Ultra HD Video Converter is also available to customize the output resolutions to any size the users want. For Windows users, turn to 4K Ultra HD video converter.

Main interface:(Mac)


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