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Import Sony NEX-FS100 AVCHD files to FCP 7/FCP X on Mac

The Sony NEX-FS100 enables Full HD (1920 x 1080) progressive slow and quick motion. If you reordered footages on 1080p50/1080p60 format, you will encounter some issues of importing and editing these AVCHD files on your Mac like the below user had.

I can't get FCP 7 or FCPX to import AVCHD (with Sony FS100) shot in 1080 60p.
In FCP 7, when using Log and Transfer, I can see all the clips on my card (or FMU), but the material shot in 60p doesn't have an icon present. When I click on it, it tries to transfer, but ends up with an error.
In FCPX, when using Camera Import , it doesn't even show my clips shot 60p.

Well, in fact, it’s not a “fresh” problem we’ve met when getting 1080 60p/50p AVCHD clips into FCP. 1080p50/1080p60 is unsupported in FCP 7 and even the new FCP X, because it is a very non-standard format. Plus, AVCHD is not a good edit format for Final Cut Pro, but Apple ProRes is. So, you’d better convert Sony NEX-FS100 AVCHD files to ProRes no matter for FCP 7 or FCP X.

Tutorial on importing Sony NEX-FS100 AVCHD to FCP 7/X on Mac

1. Go to download and install the best MTS Converter for Mac to make the transcoding task without quality loss, which offers you particular Apple ProRes profiles for Final Cut Pro. Then launch the software to import your AVCHD clips to it.

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

2. Click on the Format box to select Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422(*.mov) as the output format. If you want to get the best video quality for editing in FCP, you can choose ProRes 422 (HQ) (*.mov).

3. You can click the Settings icon to do some audio/video settings. We recommend 1920*1080 as video size and 30fps as video bitrate for easier editing in Final Cut Pro. If you are in PAL(50p) area, you are recommended 25fps as video bitrate.

4. Hit the Convert button; it will convert Sony NEX-FS100 AVCHD to ProRes for Final Cut Pro on Mac immediately.

When the conversion process shows in 100% with the top AVCHD to ProRes Converter Mac, you can get the resulted videos from output folder easily for easier editing in FCP 7 or FCP X.

Please link to Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac to get more info.

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