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How to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/CS5/CS6 with Sony XDCAM (HD422) MXF, IMX content


    Adobe announces Premiere Pro especially the CS6 software provides native support for Sony XDCAM, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM HD (including XDCAM HD 50) cameras and content with no transcoding required, smooth importing, strong metadata support, real-time editing, and flexible delivery options. Whereas, something frustrating to the Adobe users is that when importing the XDCAM HD422 MXF files to Premier Pro, some error messages like missing codec, looped audio, etc occurred from time to time.

    I am trying to import the native .mxf file of the XDCAM HD 422 into CS6, but getting an error that says missing codec. What’s the fix? Thanks

    Every time I import XDCAM-Files from my PDW-F800 (1080i, XDCAM 422 High, 8 Mono Channels, 48 KHz, 24 Bits) the last 3 seconds in every clip have a looped audio. The duration of the loop is abourt 10 frames. The files are not corrupted with this loop, because if I play the same files in VLC Player, the audio at the end is correct. Must be a problem within the import.

    Sony XDCAM HD422 series like PDW-F800, PWM-500, PDW-700, PMW-100, PMW-200 are all popular among the videographers. Well, why there are so many importing and editing issues that still exit along with the XDCAM HD422 videos? The basic reason is that Sony XDCAM in MXF or IMX format is not the Adobe Premier Pro natively supported format, so it will be hard to handle Sonyh XDCAM media in Premier Pro. To edit Sony XDCAM media in Premiere Pro smoothly, the easy workaround is to transcode Sony XDCAM MXF, IMX files to MPEG-2 or WMV format which is friendly with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/CS5/CS6. The step-by-step guide below will shows you an easy way to transfer Sony XDCAM media files to Premiere for smoothly playback and editing.

    First of all, free download Brorsoft MXF Converter for Mac

    download_mac.gif ( Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

    This Mac Sony XDCAM MXF converter can easily convert Sony XDCAM, XDCAM HD and XDCAM EX MXF files without quality loss. It can generates best editing format/codec for filmmakers and video enthusiasts to use in different NLE apps, such as Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/CS5/CS6, Adobe After Effects, iMovie, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro 6/7/X, and more. If you are on Window PC, please get the MXF Converter. Just download it and follow the workflow using Adobe Premiere Pro with Sony XDCAM content.

    How to transcode Sony XDCAM MXF/IMXF files to MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro on Mac

    Step 1. Add Source Videos

    Launch the professional Sony MXF Converter Mac, and then click "Add video" button to browse and load your source files. If you need to import an entire file folder directly, simply click "Add from folder" tab.


    Step 2. Choose Output format

    Go to "Format" menu and choose Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas --> MPEG-2(*.mpg) as target format.


    Tip: If you want to set some parameters for the output profile, you could click the "Settings" button to set the output bitrate, encode, frame rate, resolution, sample rate, channels, etc.


    Step 3. Start XDCAM MXF/IMX to Adobe Premier Pro conversion

    When the former steps finished, you can press "Convert" button to start rewrapping Sony XDCAM files to MPEG-2 for Adobe Premier Pro CS4/CS5/CS6 on Mac OS X. Once the conversion process is done, click “Open” button to get the generated MPG files.

    You can get more MXF/P2 MXF importing and editing solutions both on Mac and Wins from Brorsoft MXF Colum.

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