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MPEG won't play on Windows Media Player in Windows 10 - Solution


As the default media player in Windows operating system, Windows Media Player makes it easy to play audio, video and view images for Windows users. While, a common issue has often troubled many guys: "MPEG won't play on Windows Media Player in Windows 10". In this article, we aim to work out possible solutions to help you play MPEG with Windows Media Player in Windows 10 smoothly.

Solution 1: Install Codecs in Windows Media Player

By default, Windows Media Player downloads codecs automatically when you need them to play a file.

To enable automatic download of codecs:
- In Windows Media Player, click Tools, and then click Options.
- Click the Player tab, and then click to select the Download codecs automatically check box under Automatic updates, if the check box is not already selected.
- Click OK.
- After you complete this procedure, try to play the file again.

Note: If the audio or video portion of the file is still missing, the file may require a codec that is not supported by Windows Media Player. In this case, you need to searching other methods.

Solution 2: Install VLC media player on Windows 10 instead

VLC is a free program that will allow you to play DVDs and other type of media files including MPEG. To download VLC player, go to www.videolan.org in your web browser and then install it step by step. After installation, you can try VLC to play MPG or MPEG files at your will.

Notes: More than one guys complained that VLC makes the .mpg videos look terrible and sometimes even crashed all together in Windows 10.

Solution 3: Convert MPEG to Windows Media Player fully compatible format

If you're stuck in VLC media player, or not interested in downloading a codex bundle either, what you can do is to convert MPEG to Windows Media Player most compatible format like WMV for smooth playback.

Brorsoft Video Converter is recommended to help you achieve the goal. It is one of the top video converters for Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. With this software in hand, you can convert any videos to Windows 10 computers/phones/tablets supported file formats. It is easy to convert MPG, MKV, MTS, VOB, AVI, etc to any decent format you want. Moreover, it can help compress 1080p HD, 4K UHD videos for smooth playback on Windows 10 devices with minimum quality loss.


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How to convert MPEG for playback in Windows Media Player

1. Install and run this video converter and click the Add button to import .mpg files.


2. Click Format and choose WMP supported format, such as WMV, as the output format. If necessary, click Settings, you can adjust the video, audio parameters.


3. Hit the big Convert button to start the conversion.

There you go, that's how you can play MPEG files in Windows 10 using Windows Media Player natively without any hassle.

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