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How to Import QuickTime MOV files into Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas is a professional non-linear editing system originally published by Sonic Foundry that can be workable with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7. Although Sony Vegas announced that it can deal with a wide variety of video files, people still encounter many problems when importing QuickTime MOV to Sony Vegas for further video editing. So what's the available workflow for getting Sony Vegas and QuickTime movies to play nicely? If you're confusing about this, you've come to the right place. The article tells you an easy way to fix the issue.

Why Sony Vegas not support QuickTime MOV files?

One possible reason is that MOV is a native QuickTime file format which functions as a multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data that is difficult for Sony Vegas to afford. Another reason is that there are no right audio and video codec for Sony Vegas to recognize. For example, some persons can load the QuickTime MOV files to Sony Vegas, however, there is no audio displayed in its timeline.

Why convert QuickTime MOV to Sony Vegas

To import QuickTime movies into Sony Vegas Pro for further video editing without problems, the easy option is to convert MOV video files for Sony Vegas Pro. To get the work done effortlessly, you can turn to Brorsoft Video Converter to convert MOV to Sony Veagas compatible video format. The program is a professional yet easy-to-use video converter. It lets you convert QuickTime MOV files to Sony Vegas in a few clicks. And Sony Vegas preset is included for easy access. See how below about converting QuickTime MOV to Sony Vegas format.

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How to import QuickTime MOV files into Sony Vegas

Step 1: Load original MOV files

Click "Add" button on the main interface to load your MOV files once you set up the professional MOV Converter on your PC. (Drag&Drop function is another way to import the videos.)


Step 2: Select output format

Click the format column to choose output format. For Sony Vegas editing, Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2 (*.mpg) is one of the best compatible video formats for you to choose.


Step 3: Start QuickTime MOV to Sony Vegas Conversion

Tap the Conversion button on the main interface to start transcoding MOV to MPEG/WMV for Sony Vegas. When finished, the output file is ready for being imported to Sony Vegas for editing.

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