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Get Nexus 10 hands-on reviews & 1080p movie playback tips


    Google Nexus 10, a hot 10-inch tablet now, has attracts lots of fans and owners. We got the Nexus 10 for days and make new discoveries about its features every day, so I thought I'd compile a list of Nexus 10 tips about what it can, and can not do.

    Nexus 10 Tablet Features and Specifications

    Operating System: Google Android 4.2
    CPU: Samsung Exynos 5250
    Processor Speed: 1.7 GHz
    Dimensions: 10.4 x 7 x 0.35 inches
    Weight: 1.33 lb
    Screen Size: 10 inches
    Screen Resolution: 2560 x 1600 pixels
    Storage Type: SSD
    Storage Capacity (as Tested): 16 GB
    Bluetooth: Yes
    Video codec: H.263, MPEG-4 SP, H.264 AVC
    Audio codec: AAC LC/LTP, HE-AACv1 (AAC+), HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+), AMR-NB, AMR-WB 9, MP3, MIDI SMF, Ogg Vorbis, WAV

    Nexus 10 Tips and Instructions
    a. Does Adobe Flash work on Google Nexus 10?
    No. Adobe removed their flash player from Google Play and Android Jellybean is not compatible with flash. It's possible you may be able to do a work-around, but from what we've read this would require using an older version of chrome browser or a different browser.

    b. Can buy movies from Amazon or only Google Play?
    There is no way to easily play Amazon Instant Video on the Nexus 10. To do it through the web browser, you need flash support (which has been discontinued, but you may get a possible work-around.

    c. Is it possible to view any of the content offline?
    Yes! What a great surprise that is! When turned off wifi, Nexus 10 tablet was still able to read books, magazines, play Angry Birds, play Chess, and listen to music. Movies do require an internet connection if they are streamed. Or you can transfer personal movies to Nexus 10 for playback without wifi connection.

    d. Is 1080p movie played well on Nexus 10?
    Actually not very well for two reasons mainly. With pre-release software, we can make the Nexus 10 stutter with a dozen or so tabs open in the Chrome browser, or when playing 1080p video on Nexus 10 from the device storage. As a test, we killed background tasks (something you should never do in day-to-day use) and could make the stuttering during video playback stop.

    Plus, when you are planning to play personal videos on Nexus 10 from device storage, something you’d keep in mind is Nexus 10 supported video format. As we’ve mentioned in Nexus 10 specs list, Nexus 10 video format is limited to H.263, MPEG-4 SP, H.264 AVC, so if you got some other files like 1080p FLV, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, MTS, MPEG, 3GP, Xvid, TiVo, etc to Nexus 10, you have to change the video formats to a Nexus10 friendly video e.g. MP4 in advance.

    Here you can try Nexus 10 Video Converter to help you to batch convert a pile of video files including 1080p MKV/AVI/FLV/WMV/MOV/MPG/M2TS, etc to MP4 video for Nexus 10 with high output video quality and fast converting speed(it supports NVIDIA CUDA and AMD APP acceleration technologies). And you will no longer worry about the audio/video synchronization. Plus, the Nexus 10 Movie Converter can also work as the simple video editing App for Nexus 10 like trimming, cropping, adding image/text/video watermark, adding 3D effect and more.

    PS: If you also want to rip Blu-ray/DVDs to Nexus 10, the all-in-one tool Video/BD/DVD to Nexus 10 Converter is the best choice for you.

    Conclusion: If you want a tablet for basic things like email, web, gaming, movies and apps, Google Nexus 10 is the best option for now. It is both cheaper and better than most of the competition. There are a few exceptions: if you wanna a much more portable tab, the 7-inch tablet Nexus 7 also from Google would be better; if you need Microsoft Office compatibility, the Microsoft Surface Windows RT/Pro would be better.

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