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How to Add Videos, Movies, Photos, songs etc. to Samsung Galaxy S4


    Samsung Galaxy S4, a hot 5” smartphone now, has won lots of fans and users. While, when got some video, music or picture files for display on S4, the users could still be confused about the next step: How can I transfer or copy the movies and songs to Samsung Galaxy S4? How to sync the videos/music/pictures to my Samsung Galaxy S4? Now in order to help these Samsung Galaxy S IV users to put and transfer media files from PC /Mac to Galaxy S4 successfully, just write this short guide to show you the way.

    There are various ways you can transfer video, audio or any other files to your Galaxy S4. Below are all the possible ways: Transfer from a PC/Mac with Samsung Kies; Receive via Bluetooth; Receive via Wi-Fi; Copy to your memory card. In this post, we’re going to talk about the 2 most common methods, which are transferring files directly from PC/Mac storage to Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Method 1: Drag & Drop—USB Wired Transfer
    Overview: Just plug your Galaxy S4 into your computer using a USB cable, adjust some settings and start dragging and dropping files and folders.

    Step-by-step Instructions:
    1. Attach your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer (PC or Mac) using the USB cable. If this is the first time you’ve connected your device to your computer, it will install the necessary drivers on your computer.

    2. On your Samsung device, touch Applications > Settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities.

    3. Remove the USB cable from you Samsung S4.

    4. On your Galaxy S4 touch “Connect storage to PC.” You will see a warning: “USB utilities / Connect USB cable to use mass storage.” Insert the USB cable into your Samsung device while the message is still on the screen. Do not touch “Cancel.”

    5. The screen will change to “USB mass storage” with a picture of a green Android and a message that says “USB connected.” Touch “Connect USB storage” at the bottom.

    6. Your Samsung Galaxy S4 is now connected to your computer. The device’s internal storage will appear on your computer as an external drive. If you also have a microSD card installed, this will show up as a second external drive.

    7. You can now drag and drop files directly from your computer or iTunes to your Galaxy S4. You can create folders on your device as necessary to organize your files. Your device will automatically index these files and make them available in your media player.

    8. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MAC USERS: Before you disconnect your device from your Mac, you must eject the disks on your Mac, just as you would eject any disk or flash drive. After the drives have been ejected, touch “Disconnect storage from PC” on your Samsung device.

    9. When you’ve moved all of the files you need to, disconnect the USB cable.

    Method 2: Kies Air—Wireless Transfer
    Overview: Kies Air makes it simple to transfer and manage multimedia content, text messages, bookmarks and more between your mobile device and a PC or Mac when they share the same wireless access point or router.

    Step-by-step Instructions:
    1. To connect to Kies Air from your Samsung Galaxy S4, touch Applications > Kies Air > Start.

    2. If not already connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will be asked to connect, or (if available) turn on your device’s Wi-Fi hotspot capability. Note: Your Samsung device and computer (PC or Mac) must be on the same Wi-Fi network in order to connect.

    3. Kies Air will display a URL. Enter that URL in your computer’s web browser.

    4. On the Samsung device, touch Allow to grant access to the device.

    5. Download or manage files from the web-based interface on your computer’s browser.

    6. Touch Stop on the handset to end the syncing session.

    Now the movies and music can be played on your Samsung Galaxy S4 using the Gallery application. If you want to sync files with Galaxy S4 on Mac, please refer to how to Sync Galaxy S4 with Mac using Kies.

    Note: You may encounter some situations that you can not play the videos on Samsung Galaxy S4 successfully. Your movie formats are not supported by your Samsung Galaxy S4, maybe they are MKV, TiVo, VOB, MPEG-2, M2TS, AVI, MXF, MOV, VIDEO-TS, etc, so you need to convert the movies into Samsung Galaxy S4 compatible format H.264 MP4 first. Plus, if you got some commercial Blu-ray/DVD movies to Galaxy S4, you also need to rip and convert these movie files in advance. Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate (or iMedia Converter for Mac), the best all-in-one video converter program, can help you fast finish the conversion task.

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