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Transfer/Copy/Move videos, music, photos to PS Vita from Mac
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    As pieces of hardware go, the Vita impresses in almost every major respect. Though a little larger than the PSP, it's surprisingly light and comfortable to hold. The sticks and buttons look alarmingly small at first glance but prove comfortable and capable in the heat of gameplay, and the touchscreen and touch panel are pleasantly responsive. In addition to playing games, PS Vita can also be a portable media player for you; you can play video, listen music, view pictures on it. Here we give you some tips of how to transfer your media files videos, music, pictures to PS Vita from Mac.
  • Guide: Transfer videos, music, photos to PS Vita from Mac.
  • Before start this procedure, you need do some preparation:
    1. Insert the memory card for the PS Vita system into your PS Vita system.
    2. Link a PlayStation Network account with your PS Vita system. (If you have a PlayStation Network account that was created on another device such as a PS3 system or a computer, you can sign in using that account.)
    3. Connect your Mac computer to the Internet.
    4. Download and install Content Manager Assistant on your Mac computer.
  • Step 1: On the computer, check that Content Manager Assistant is installed and started.
    Look for the Content Manager Assistant icon in the menu bar:
    Step 2: Connect your PS Vita system to your Mac using a USB cable.
    Step 3: On your PS Vita system, tap [Content Manager] > [Start].
    Step 4: Tap [PC →PS Vita System] icon.
    Step 5: Tap [Videos], [Music] or [Photos] to select the kind of content to copy.
    Step 6: Select the checkboxes of the content you want to copy, and then tap [Copy].
    This is an example for Music:
  • Note: To copy videos, music, pictures to PS Vita from Mac successfully, you need to make sure the files you transferred are compatible with PS Vita. From the PS Vita, you can easily find the supported files format of PS Vita. For the video format, PS Vita can only support H.264/MPEG-4 formats. Thus, when you intend to transfer other video files like MOV, MKV, FLV, VOB, MOD, TOD, TiVo, etc to PS Vita from Mac, you have to convert these files to PS Vita playable format in advance with an easy-to-use video convert tool.

    To meet the needs of so many PS Vita users who are eager to move video/music/image files to PS Vita, here we introduce this smart PS Vita Video Converter for Mac to you. This PS Vita Video Converter for Mac is especially designed for the Mac users with which you are able to convert videos MKV/MOV/FLV/VOB/MOD to MP4 for PS Vita on Mac at fast speed within simple four steps. Certainly, if your music files are not friendly format for PS Vita, you can also apply this professional PS Vita Video Converter for Mac. It can aid you to easily convert any music file like WMV, OGG, AC3, AIFF, FLA, MKA, etc to PS Vita compatible format MP3 on Mac.
  • PS: When you transfer the converted videos to PS Vita, to ensure it can recognize the files well, you need to drag and drop the output to the “Video” folder on your Vita. Plus, the Content Manager Assistant should be in the latest version.
  • Tips:
    1. This smart PS Vita Video Converter for Mac not only can help you convert video files MKV, MOV, FLV, VOB, MOD, TOD, TiVo, etc to PS Vita, it can also allow you to freely edit videos like cropping, trimming, adding watermark, etc according to your needs. You can link to Brorsoft PS Vita Video Converter for Mac.
    2. You can learn the detailed guide on how to convert videos to MP4 for PS Vita on Mac referring to Convert/Copy MKV/MOV/FLV/VOB/MOD to PS Vita on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

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