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This page will offers all-round solutions play, edit, and convert MKV video files in Windows/Mac.

Why Convert MKV Files

The MKV video file format may not be the most popular format today. However, it is widely used by many systems because it is both an open standard and free. Although there are some media players can support MKV videos, a lot of limits and potential troubles exist still. The basic reason is the complex codecs contained in a MKV file.

For issues concerning MKV files not playing properly on the computer even after all the necessary codecs have been installed, converting the file in an entirely different format may be required. Macintosh computers, for one, doesn’t support MKV files playback (Tips: How to Play MKV on Mac). In order for these files to properly play on Apple devices, the installation of a more compatible player is recommended. In this case, the VLC Player is ideal. Converting the file into an entirely different format is also a good solution. There are many occasions where you need to convert MKV format to others and below are some instances:

MKV to MP4
MP4 is widely supported by different OS. And converting MKV to a more standard format like the MP4 is very simple to do, as the file structure of both files is the same.

MKV to MOV with Subtitles
As we know, MOV is the Apple QuickTime format. By converting AVI files to MOV on Mac, you will experience no incompatibility issues on Mac.

MKV to iTunes
iTunes only supported MP4, MOV and M4V. If you want to add MKV files to iTunes library, you will have to convert MKV to iTunes supported formats first.

MKV to Premiere
Have problems importing MKV to Adobe Premiere for editing? You need to convert MKV to Premiere supported formats since MKV can't be recognized by Premiere.

VLC MKV Playback Solutions
VLC unable to play MKV files? VLC always stutter when playing MKV movie? Read this article to get the solution.

Solve Handbrake Convert MKV Files Issues
Handbrake failed to convert MKV files correctly? When use Handbrake to convert MKVs, it crashed? Read this article to get the solution.

MKV Solutions

Convert MKV to Other File Types

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  • About MKV File Extension

    MKV files are developed by the Matroska Group to work as a multimedia container. It functions very much like AVI, ASF, and MP4. The MKV extension signifies a full, playable video file while MK3D is for stereoscopic or 3D videos. There are also the MKS and MKA files which correspond to subtitle files and audio files respectively. Although not a standard file format, MKV is supported by different media players such as the VLC, PS3 Media Server, and Google Chrome. Android devices can read MKV files as well.

    The MKV codec is required for ease of playing MKV files. For codec issues with regards to MKV files, two options are available to users. First, they can download CCCP or the Combined Community Codec pack on their computer in order to play MKV and MKA files. This codec pack works on Windows Media Players. The other option is the Matroska Pack Lite, which includes all codecs required to play Matroska media files. This codec pack also works on both DirectShow and the Windows Media Player.

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