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How to Play MKV files in Windows 8


You'll probably have several MKV videos in your Windows 8 computer and want to play them. The point here is, it's not easy to play MKV on Windows 8 directly. The basic reason is that the Windows' default Windows Media Player is pretty impressive although, sadly it doesn't support playing MKV files yet. Let's look at Windows 8 MKV Playback issues:

Q1: I upgraded to Windows 8 64bit last week and updated my Shark007 codec packs to the latest Windows 8 versions but seem to have an playback issue with MKV files.

Q2: Got some MKV movies store my Windows 8, but I can't open these files. Why doesn't Windows 8 support native MKV playback? The VLC app works somewhat but is really buggy and often crashes.

As you see, it's hard to get MKV playable on Windows 8 even though installed a codec pack or applied third-party video player like VLC. In fact, many codecs do not ship with Windows 8. When you want to play MKV using Windows Media Player, you need to install a codec. Without it, WMP won't play this file type. However, codecs require licencing from patent holders and thus increase the cost of operating system for the end user. According to our testing, it's not easy to find a proper codec pack for Window 8 to view MKV videos.

Some guys recommend VLC media player. Yes, it plays the majority of file types right out of the box, but you'll still need codecs to play media like .mkv or .avi files. So, is there any easy way to play MKV files on Windows 8? How to get MKV to work on the Windows 8 without having to install any crazy codecs? The answer is definitive. In the following paragraphs we will introduce a simple method to open and play MKV on Windows 8 with Windows Media Player.

As far as we know, Matroska files can contain a big number of different audio and video compression formats, which is complicated to decode. To smoothly play MKV in Windows Media Player on Windows 8, you'd better convert MKV to Windows Media Player compatible format. To achieve this, you can make use of Brorsoft Video Converter.

This MKV converter runs in Windows (Windows 8 included) and allows you to convert MKV to virtually any popular video/audio format like AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, AAC and more. It can also convert MKV files to optimized presets for mobile devices so that you can watch them anywhere you like. More than that, it also provides an access to touch up MKV videos, which including trimming, cropping, appending artistic effects and more. With it, you can encode MKV files to Windows Media Player playable format with best quality.


How to convert MKV for playback in Windows 8

1. Install and run this MKV file converter and click the Add button to import MKV files.


2. Click Format and choose Windows 8 WMP supported format, such as WMV, as the output format. If necessary, click Settings, you can adjust the video, audio parameters.


3. Hit the big Convert button to start the conversion.

There you go, that's how you can play MKV files in Windows 8 using Windows Media Player natively without any hassle. Enjoy.

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