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Can't Play MKV files on Xbox One? The Solution


Other than the support of a great and fantastic gameplay, you'll also be able to watch videos or movies on Xbox One. You may have heard that the Microsoft has improved its support of MKV for enjoying it right away just like other common formats. However, you'll probably come to find out that not all of the MKV files are supported on Xbox One.

That's because different MKV files tends to have different video codecs and the codecs might not be compatible with the console. Well, how can you play those incompatible MKV files on Xbox One then?

Searching the Internet and it will tells you that the common solution is to convert the MKV files to Xbox One's supported formats, and then transfer the converted files via the DLNA server. To get the job done, Brorsoft Video Converter provides you with a quick and easy way. With it, you can easily convert any video file including kinds of MKV files to Xbox One accepted formats without quality loss. If you're a Mac user, you can turn to Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac, which has the same function as the Windows version. Below is a detailed guide that shows you the whole process step-by-step.

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Free download MKV to Xbox One Converter:

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How to convert MKV to Xbox One friendly formats

Step 1: Load MKV files

To load a MKV file to this MKV to Xbox One converter, you can either click the Add Files button in the top-left hand corner of this interface or directly drag it from your computer to this program's left pane. If you have several MKV files, batch import can save you more time.


Step 2: Select Xbox One compatible formats

Click on the drop down menu of the Format, select "Zune/Xbox 360 Device"> "Xbox 360 HD Video (*.wmv): as the target format. It fits on Xbox One as well.


Optional: Click the "Settings" beside the format bar to adjust your parameters is allow you to enjoy a better viewing quality. Before go to the conversion, you can click this "Edit" to do some personal edits on your raw videos. This saves you from the troubles which you have to reload them to editors.

Step 3: Start converting MKV to Xbox One

Now you can back to the main UI , and click this "Convert" button to start your conversion .After that, you can stream MKV files to your Xbox One flawless and easily watch the high definition movie on your TV.

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