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Top 5 Video Editing Software for Windows 10

For videographers, video editing software is needed to create a personal movie before sharing. In this article, we have compiled a list of top 5 video editing software for Windows 10, which have been tested and proven to be effective for video editing with Windows 10. Get the best free video editor to edit your favorite videos on Windows 10 now.

1. Windows Movie Maker[free]


Windows Live Movie Maker is hands down most easy to use video editing program I have worked on. It does not require any prior editing experience. Within 20 minutes of usage, you can add titles to your video, add effects, synchronize audio and what not. If you haven't used any video editing software in the past, you can start from here. WLMM does not come by default in Windows 10, you have to download it from Microsoft website

You will have unlimited options for video editing to enjoy.
The timeline feature makes editing easy.
Increased output options will enhance compatibility.

You will not have the option for video cutting and it is selectively available as part of Windows OS.

2. Adobe Premiere Elements[$69]


Adobe has launched a separate program for home users, called Adobe Premiere Elements. It has a simple interface, you can upload your videos to Social media. It has all the features like video cutting, combining clips, adding text and eye candy effects. This program is great if you are intending to make Wedding, Birthday or family vacation videos. Also, it can run on your old 32-bit (x86) PC or Mac without breaking a sweat.

It's easy to use with simple interface.

The input and output formats are relatively limited.

3. VirtualDub[free]


VirtualDub is an open-source software program which is good for use with Windows 10. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and will help you to perform editing tasks like adding files, deleting files, cropping side bars, reordering video parts and rotating videos. It's an all-in-one program that can as well convert videos apart from editing. Those are the main features that you will get to enjoy by choosing to edit your videos with VirtualDub.

This program offers the option for video capturing so you don't have to import your files during editing.
You can extend files using third-party video filters.
It supports batch processing which means it's possible handling multiple video files at the same time.

Despite the interface being user-friendly, it can frustrate at times since it is prone to delivering poor performance.
Beginners will have difficulties understanding how it works.

4. Sony Vegas Movie Studio[$49.95]


This program has full support for Windows and will be a top consideration when editing video. It will be the right choice for coming up with stunning videos at very minimal of your effort and resources. If you are passionate about video editing, then Sony Vegas Movie Studio should be the program that you go for and it retails at $49.95. If you want a free trial version, it is available for consideration. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is an all-in-one solution for video editing thanks to unique features that include simple interface, video stabilization, texts and real-time effects.

It has support for limitless input and output formats. You will enjoy assured compatibility regardless of the format for your videos.

Many people are unable to afford it due to the high price while trial version has limited functionalities.

5. Pinnacle VideoSpin[free]


The design of this program points out to intuitive software that you can rely on for professional video editing. It offers simplicity for those who are beginning with video editing and experienced ones as well. Standout features for Pinnacle VideoSpin are making photo slideshows, deleting needless scenes from a video, 2D transitions, video effects and adding audio or text overlays. You should not have reservations for choosing to have Pinnacle VideoSpin as the preferred program for video editing anytime you have such needs to satisfy.

This program has support for many file formats pointing to its high compatibility rate.
the timeline makes it easy to edit so you will not experience any difficulties.

You will have to seek registration prior to installing this program to your computer.
You might have to buy Advanced Codecs Pack at a cost of $10 in advance which will have restrictions to certain formats.
The fact that the program has not been updated since 2009 casts its suitability in doubt.

Additional Tips:

The following list highlights the most feature rich video editing applications for Microsoft Windows 10. You can freely choose a video editing tool according to your needs. While, for videographers, a video editing program usually can't meet their needs. That because so many incompatible issues exist between video editing programs and video files: AVI to Windows Movie Maker, MP4 to Windows Movie Maker, MTS to Adobe Premiere Elements, VOB to Adobe Premiere Elements, MKV to Sony Movie Studio, MP4 to Sony Movie Studio...

To fast solve the incompatible problems, an ultimate solution is to get a video converter app to change the file format before editing. Brorsoft Video Converter comes out to help you out. This video app can help you change AVI, MKV, VOB, WMV, FLV, MP4, XAVC, MTS, MXF, etc files into a different format with least quality loss. It offers professional codecs for other NLEs including Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker, Avid Media Composer and more to meet your different needs. You should then be able to import the new file into video editing software with smooth editing without any video/audio trouble.

By the way, this video converter also comes with a built-in video editor, with which, you can personalize and retouch your videos in clicks. All the smart video editing features let you get a video with all the factors you prefer. You can: Trim video into smaller segments; brand your video by embedding a watermark; importing subtitle files in .srt or .sst format to convert with any format video files; Remove unwanted objects from video; and there are a lot of other wondrous features waiting for you to explore.


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