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Full Guide on Deinterlacing Video Using Handbrake

There’s a good reason for deinterlacing videos. We’ve talked about how to deinterlace a DVD for better enjoyment. And in this article, we lead you to deinterlace video with Handbrake as Handbrake has a built-in option to deinterlace video. Let’s earn details now.

How to Deinterlace Video with HandBrake

HandBrake is a desktop-based video transcoder with Deinterlace option. Just follow the guide below to deinterlace your kinds of videos with HandBrake.

Step 1. Open HandBrake and the source video you need to deinterlace.

Step 2. At Destination part, specify the destination path to store deinterlaced video and the name of it.

Step 3. Define output container (MP4 or MKV). You can also choose a preset from the right column, or create a new profile based on your own needs.


Step 4. Click Filters tab, move to Deinterlace, and then choose desired deinterlace settings from the drop down lists. There're quite a lot of confusing options to choose. Many HandBrake users are still overwhelmed, although HandBrake has displayed simple explanations about Yadif, Decomb, and Interlace Detection.

Yadif is a popular and fast deinterlacer.
Decomb switchs between multiple interpolation algorithms for speed and quality.
Interlace Detection, when enabled, allows the Deinterlace filter to only process interlaced video frames.

Step 5. Click Start Encode button to deinterlace video with HandBrake right now.

Editor’s Note:
It’s a bit hard to use Handbrake Deinterlace feature especially for beginners. If you wanna an easier method for deinterlacing video files, we have another choice for you.

Handbrake Alternative to Deinterlace Videos

Brorsoft Video Converter | Video Converter for Mac, an easy-to-use and yet professional video converter program works as the best alternative to Handbrake, which gives you awesome smooth deinterlaced videos.

It can help you to remove the interlacing artifacts of the any files including camcorder videos like MTS. The output video plays smoothly without any sluggish problem. What’s more, it also supports converting your source videos to any format you want including MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc common files or ProRes, DNxHD, Apple InterMediate Codec, MPEG-2, etc professional encoders for FCP, Avid MC, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro and more NLEs. Something else, this video converting software is also combined with editing features cropping video size, trimming video clips and adding special effects to output videos.

download_windows.gif download_mac.gif

Learn a full guide how to deinterlace videos with Brorsoft Video Converter.

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